Necessity is the mother of invention! In mid-March 2020, I got to thinking - how can I still connect with my clients during this isolation? Would a virtual photoshoot actually work? Well, over the past year I’ve done quite a few Virtual Photo Shoots, and they do indeed work! This project is hifi/lofi. The images are meant to look like they are on a screen, kind of film-like. These are fun sessions to clear your jitters and have fun for yourself!

Virtual Sessions can be for:

  • Someone not quite ready to invest in the full experience.
  • My ladies out of state have been dying for me to bring this back!
  • Someone shy and more comfortable in their own home.
  • Just because of the hell of it!
  • To learn a new way of using your phone to take photos!
  • Unique Posing & App useful for everyday images!
  • Only Fan Ladies looking for a unique way to add spice to your profile!

Session Info

During a webcam session, we'll hop on a video conference together via Zoom, you'll show me around your home so that we can determine the most comfortable, suitable, and best lit areas to photograph you! I'll guide you through posing and produce some spicy photos for you to keep ( or share with someone deserving)

What you will receive:

15 Minute Walk Through

45 Minute Session

Guided Posing

10 Edits of your choice

Delivered within 2-3 days

A BOMB ass time celebrating you

Session Fee $250

I have opened up 10 slots for these sessions! I am pretty booked up but I want to spread self-love however I can, near and far! Once they are booked I will deactivate the link!