"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people."

—Annie Leibovitz

Hello There!

Thank you so much for contacting me about capturing such an amazing time in your life! From maternity to regular family sessions, kids grow so fast and those little moments can be forgotten. I help freeze frame time for you & offer. So you can remember these little moments between you and your loved ones. Moments you’ll be able to cherish and hold onto forever. I’m honored you’re considering me as your photographer. Choosing a photographer is so very important and it’s important for you to know that my eye goes towards small detailed moments, loving moments, and getting your babies or loved ones with the most natural smiles. Documenting moments and real-life details inspire me as a photographer. Unposed & candid shots are what sparks my heart as an artist. 

I truly believe when I let a family or mama be true and genuine, my best work shows. As you can see with my work, I love up-close shots where emotion is shown but I will have tons of further away shots in your gallery. Moody but colorful is my jam. If that’s what draws you to my work - we are gonna have a good time! I cannot wait to meet you! Please note - when booking a session with me, there will be genuine moments and connections in your photos which means some photos will be dropped and altered to bring out that emotion. My work is not posed.

Telling your story is an honor

Through your Storytelling Session, I will be there to capture the little moments while you interact authentically with your loved ones. A session typically begins with some fun activities. After we capture the more classic images, our session will become more relaxed to give you a chance to have fun as I take candid photographs. My deepest desire is to capture you and the ones you are with at your best; genuinely enjoying each other's company, making new memories together, and being true to who you are. If you have trouble being in front of the camera (like me!) don’t worry! I am here to guide and direct you throughout the entire session to create space for authentic and emotive moments to happen naturally.

Your Storytelling Session will give you memories to look back on that bring a heartfelt reaction, making moments of passion, laughter, and fun standstill to be revisited year after year.

Each Storytelling Session will provide you with images you’ll cherish. I aim to capture moments of each person individually, as well as interacting with each other in various pairings. I’ll be sure to capture moments of siblings being silly together, parents sharing soft moments with their children, and parents showing the spark that initially brought them together.

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything."

—Aaron Siskind

My WHy

Finding a photographer who’s work you absolutely love and makes your heart skip a beat is very important when booking! You don’t want to look back and wish you booked someone else! I truly believe finding a photographer who fits your family and personality best will really have an affect on the way the photos turn out! I am not a traditional photographer and I will not ask you to look at the camera hardly at all. I don’t do those fake smiles - I’m here to capture the REAL smiles. Those genuine cute laughs between you and your loved ones. I will sit back enjoy the show between you guys. But help guide you the whole way. I am your storyteller and I am here to capture Your story.

Styling and Editing

Styling plays a HUGE factor in the way your photos will turn out. If you watch my page, certain colors will affect the edits! I always help guide my clients and help style! I am currently creating a client closet with so far a dozen pieces for my clients free of charge & I send a interactive styling tool to help once booked. I love texture, warm colors but also still love my natural earth tone colors which helps my editing stay the way it is! My images have always been described as warm earthy tones, full of joy and vibrancy! POP! Is also a word I hear! Location always factors after wardrobe is created! I have tons of amazing locations I’ve adventured to just for you! Be ready to snuggle kiss and love up on your loved ones. Tons of tickles and giggles between you guys. I want all the love and magic to pour out between you guys. 

Studio wardrobe

All inclusive wardrobe usage + interactive styling guide to fit every families style

Investment guide

Why invest?

I often receive questions regarding digital files, and it's just part of the instant gratification era that we've all gotten accustomed to. We love online galleries and having freedom to hold future prints for (myself included). Great for social media and sharing with family and friends.... Keep reading and let me explain a few things!

To this day, I get emails from clients asking to help recover their photos from session years ago due to a crash on the hard-drive or forgot to download the photos because they were saved on a phone or lost the USB/disk from moving.

I started to realize that even for myself, have never gotten around to printing photos from our wedding. It's one of the those back burner chores that was not on the priority list because I could just look at them on my phone.

A surgeon stitches the patient back up after surgery, a gardener clears up the pile of grass after mowing, a professor will lecture and then grade your test papers.

And there it was, why would I devote a service and not complete it? I want nothing more than for my work to be seen, proudly displayed in your hallway, your bedroom, your grand entrance, everywhere! It's YOUR family's harmony.

Last thing I want is to have digitals stay as digitals, collecting dust in a hard drive or a cloud.

Preparation for a digital image requires the same amount of skill set, time, retouching and labor of love. The end product I give to you is a tangible object for all to admire with other than from a screen. Your keepsake print product is provided from a professional lab that is capable of handling all of my camera's color data.

A digital image is NOT faster, easier, less time to shoot nor do I give less attention to. However, you will receive BOTH a print and the digital file because, I want you to own both. At no additional cost.

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.""

—Ansel Adams

The Experience

creative Fee $300

The Session Fee includes unique location, set design, shooting time, professional retouching of your chosen images, hair and makeup, ordering appointments, and delivery of your products to your home.


Add a short film to any session for $2000

Digital images and products are sold separately, not included in the session fee.

Step 2:Choose your products for your session

You will receive product AND matching social media size digital images with any products purchased.

Build your own collection


Step ONe: Choose your Heirloom


8X10 Folio Box
Matted Prints for Showcasing on a tabletop or create your collage wall.

Folio Box Album | $1500
15 Prints included
Additional Prints $100/Each

Upgrade to the Luxury box +$600

Folio Box Album


Lay-flat, Panoramic, wrinkle free pages
Available in linen or leather

Fine Art Album | $1500
15 Images Included
Additional Images $100/Each

Upgrade to the Luxury Album +600
Double the page thickness
Over 50 Cover options

Fine Art Album


Delivered in a custom wooden USB Box including print release and a shareable online gallery

$1500 15 Digital Images
$2500 30 Digital Images
Add Images $100/ Each

High-Resolution Files

Step two : Choose your wall art

Wall Art

30X40 | $3000
24X36 | $2000
16X24 | $1000

Modern Vivid Metals

Wall Art

30X40 | $3000
24X36 | $2000
16X24 | $1000

Classic Gallery Wraps

Wall Art

24X36 | $2500
16x24 | $1500
20x20 | $1100
11x14 | $800
8x10 |$500

Framed Prints

Canvas Collage -$1500

Five chosen images to display together in different sizes to team up


Text me that you're ready to book and I'll send everything over to your email.

  1. Pay your session fee
  2. Sign your contract
  3. Fill out the questionnaire

Once your session fee, contract, and questionnaire forms have been submitted - you will receive a confirmation with details to scheduling and a prep guide for your session within 3 days.

Earn $100 gift voucher to use towards your session when booked within 24hrs.