When I first started photography I never saw myself having the opportunity to help others. So I am thankful that you're here wanting to learn from me. I am self taught in my editing style, self taught in how I bring out emotions and it took a hard long road to get here. I have searched for hours looking on YouTube, Pinterest, Google and even getting tips & tricks from others along the way that were willing to help. I want to help you to the best of my knowledge and show you what I have learned along the way to better myself as a growing photographer. It doesn't happen overnight, but with a guide along the way I want to show you how I booked out since MAY OF 2019! I want to teach self care, and balance because I too had to learn the hard way.

"you have to learn, work hard, explore and step out of the box. from there you become your own artist with CREATIVITY that never stops"

Let's Chat

One hour Facetime or Skype call.
No Secrets.
Give me three topics that you want to go over & we will cover them completely.



This package is all done via video chat/ screen share! We'll spend our 2 hour chat talking about how you can use lightroom & photoshop to take your images to the next level during post process. I will do live edits & show you how I would edit your images .


Let's Shoot!

We will meet prior and chat about what skill levels you want to improve. From there we will shoot a hour long session together. Direction, the best light, emotions, camera settings ask all the questions. We will then have a follow up date to live edit.



What Gear do I use?

I am a Nikon girl through and through. I shoot with a Nikon D750 and you can usually see me shooting with a Sigma 35 1.4 art lens.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based out of Central Texas. I do travel and would love to mentor all over the world one day. I will be launching a workshop page soon that will go along with my travel dates!

how did you start?

Photography has been a passion of mine for a while, it wasn't until 2018 I decided to make it my full-time job. I started my love for photography at a young age stealing my grandmothers camera on the farm. Then in 2007 with my Canon T2 Rebel film camera in Mrs. Neimans Photography Class. Developing in the darkroom is and will forever be a favorite pastime of mine. We had digital photography for the yearbook and other projects, but film is just an amazing concept! Fast forward to about three years ago when it went from hobby to business.

What is your style?

AUTHENTIC STORYTELLER! I love RAW, PURE, CANDID emotions! I like warm and bold. Moody and filled with moments that one sees as memories. All the moments are worth capturing!