I am terrible at writing so I don't know why I signed up for this, but it's 2020 and its time to rock my soul and do sessions that fuel my fire!

Kayla & mark did just that! Why not turn a date night activity into a photo session? to me it is pure genius! from the moment i met these two i knew it would be fun. mark had 24 hour duty { military} the day prior and when the idea came to my head kayla had woke him up to ask and he agreed! we had a date night casual look. cause I WOULDN'T be caught at the CARNIVAL in anything other than some converse and leggings or jeans. so we kept it super simple & I love the look it gave! plus texas weather right now is weird. it was just 75 degrees last week, so dressing ACCORDINGLY was the plan.

ARRIVING it was just meant to be with these two. Every prompt I gave they followed. a few of my favorites:

Prompt: While walking on or around step three lean in and tell Kayla something funny

Prompt: Kayla walk ahead, then look back at mark, I then teased and asked mark to look at her butt :)

Prompt: Relax and go in for a sweet kiss

Prompt: Mark you are the pilot of this plane, take Kayla for a ride. After they laughed i then asked him to wrap his arms around her and kiss her cheek.

I loved the BACKGROUND of the balloon game, the colors are goals for this type of session!

Prompt: Jump on his back and make a promise you will rub it later! { Mark told me his shoulder hurt}

Prompt: Okay I know we didn't get game tickets but no one is around, sit down and play like your gonna win this game! It was a fun concept!

THEY GOT COTTON CANDY! Kayla will fight someone over HER cotton candy!

Prompt : Kayla kiss mark with cotton candy in your mouth, make his lips sticky.

Prompt: Mark go behind Kayla and come up like your taking her cotton candy.

Prompt : Kayla giggle while your about to eat this deliciousness.

Near the End it was getting a tad chilly, so we did some basic lift poses, kisses and secrets. This sessions brings #couplegoals a whole new meaning!

Gear: Nikon D750 Lens: 35MM Sigma Art F1.4

Follow my social media for more updates, prompts, and so much new stuff coming! i hope you Enjoy the amazing Carnival session i had with Kayla & Mark!